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Our mission

As a highly innovative diagnostics company, we strive to provide reliable immune testing to monitor people’s health. Based on our proprietory diagnostic platform combined with three decades of unique research, our mission is to allow for broad and precise self testing. 

We focus on immune competence crucial for overcoming major health hazards: 

  • Viral infections
  • Cancer
  • Inflammatory deseases
  • Degenerative syndromes
  • Age related deterioration

The DefenceDX product family

The DefenceDX range of tests from Alpspitz Bioscience are simple and significant diagnostic tools:

  • Detection of various immune parameters related to the hazards mentioned above
  • Cost-effective point-of-care diagnostics for care centers and medical practices
  • Perfect for home use to self-monitor the body’s defences

Our self-test kits are presently in the development phase. We will keep you up to date – online and, on request, also personally:

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