DefenceDX health screening platform

Saliva testing

Combining AI, immunology and blockchain, Alpspitz Bioscience is building an easy to use remote health screening platform for monitoring health risks related to cardiovascular disease.

Innovative, AI-based saliva testing

Our AI-based saliva test platform DefenceDX is built to detect inflammation, providing a fast, non-invasive and reliable alternative to blood tests
Efficient, in time saliva screening needs no laboratory and can be employed anytime to prevent deaths especially in populations with undiagnosed cardiovascular disease
Artificial intelligence algorithms are developed to analyze saliva samples, detecting indicators of inflammation to predict the likelihood of advanced CVD
Early detection improves medical outcomes and can save lives


Secure data management

Protecting personal health data is a critical concern in the healthcare industry. Blockchain technology can securely store and manage personal health data, ensuring privacy and security when connecting patients, health care providers and medical professionals.

Risk management

Our Saliva Test platform is built to identify the risk of heart diseases. Early detection of cardiovascular risk can reduce the economic burden on healthcare systems, resources can be allocated more efficiently.

Step 1
Easy, reliable and low-cost
saliva tests
Saliva test device
Step 2
AI-powered inflammation detection and prediction of cardiovascular risks
Human body analysis
Step 3
access via App
App access

Product development

DefenceDX system design

DefenceDX is designed as scalable inflammatory screening platform targeting risk of cardiovascular deterioration and death:

Non-invasive, low-level biosafety test platform with no specialized personnel needed to collect and process saliva
AI based remote digital reader accessed via App
Blockchain network connection for secure data accrual, storage and use

Key target features

Convergent technologies enable to design an optimal platform for secure, easy and reliable remote screening wherever you are.

Non-invasive and reliable test results
AI-powered detection of inflammation and prediction of CVD risk
Secure data management
Accessible and affordable to all

We will be happy to present the DefenceDX platform to you and to answer your questions:

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