Self testing

Medical consulting

Importance of the immune system

A plethora of most up to date medical research confirms the immune system’s dominant role when preventing or fighting a broad spectrum of both acute and chronic stage diseases (see enclosed references for more in depth information covering state-of-the-art scientific knowledge).

Testing is prevention

Detect individual health hazards as early as possible:

  • Self Monitor body defence
  • Enhance short and long term immune competence

In response to regular and rapid testing, those at risk can substantially improve their chances of avoiding disease deterioration and can seek necessary measures in time to stabilize or enhance their individual health status.

The DefenceDX range of self-tests

We make self testing and frequent monitoring of the body’s immune competence available to all those diagnosed with or at risk of severe diseases. Our DefenceDX tests make major immune parameters easily assessable using modern point of care self testing technology.

Areas of application: Home, nursing service, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, hospitals.


Relevant most recent 2020 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals:

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